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Hiya Chaps ,

Anyone got any clues on where I can download a ZXR 6 manual in PDF format ?

Also have just bought one for racing and its had the exhaust (end can) totally stripped out - aside from being way too loaud I am not convinced this is either good for the power or the engine - any advice or views ?

Thanks a bunch... :twisted:


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Y don’t you just get your wallet out
I’ve got a full list of part numbers and diagrams
For my bike GPX600 and that’s 5 meg about 100 pages
For a full manual you will be looking at 200 plus pages
Witch you would have to print anyway les you wont a laptop
On the garage floor with oil all over it ?
I am in the process of putting my manual in to pdf format
When I find the right software you would not believe the amount of work involved
:D :D
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