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ZXR750 H2 cutting out

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Help:( I thought I had solved all my problems with the bike but I seem to go from One fault straight to another. The bike starts OK (new battery) and runs OK but as I was riding along after about 10 miles the lights began to dim, (but the engine kept running OK) and eventually the bike died and came to a stop. This has happened a few times now. When I try and restart I get the ignition light on but I only get a ticking sound when I press the starter. Leave it for a while, sometimes half an hour, and I can then start it with no problem and it will run for a while and then die again. I have checked for loose connections but can't find anything wrong. The alternator charges OK. I need the bike to get to work but its getting cold now which doesn't help when I have to push it and I need to sort this problem. Can anyone help please?
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That sure sounds like a weak battery. Even though it's a new battery, it has to be charged after putting the acid in it. It should be charged for at least 5 hours with a trickle charger after putting the acid in. How sure are you that your charging system is working properly? If you haven't done this, you can attach a meter to the battery and start the bike. At 3-4k rpm you should see 13.5-14.5 volts at the battery if the charging system is working. If a good battery is run down by riding with a faulty charging system it will rebuild a bit of a charge after letting it sit for a while. That is another indication to me that you have a problem with the charging system.
Thanks for the reply. With the engine running in the garage, I get 14.35 volts with no lights on but if I put the lights on to main beam it drops to 12.85 volts. I would have thought the alternator was giving the right output although the belt did squeal the other week for a while but suddenly stopped doing so. The tension seems OK but I may tighten it a bit in case it has been slipping under load. I'll let you know how I get on.
Hi. Having a similar problem with my ZXR 750 H2 model. New battery after first time it cut out & full service. Bin out on a few local rides, taking it fairly easy n not many probs except for usual issues with idling. But have had some probs with starting from cold but thought might be a loose connection at ignition. Went out on longer run n opened bike up round some bends etc - rode like a dream. Virtually home after quick blast on motorway n waiting in queue of traffic n bike died n wouldn't restart. Battery totally dead so recharged it n tested current with voltmeter n bike isn't recharging battery at all when running so even though bike started up it will drain it again. Never worked much on Sportsbikes b4 so a bit daunted at thought of replacing alternator - diagrams wud be a big help! :oops:
Re-charging problem

Just had another thought from reading the above thread.The belt has been squealing a bit on my ZXR in first and a bit in second.Anyone have any ideas if this could be the problem or has the belt gone....cheers
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