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CALYPSO, Maybe the reason that we have the Bottom of the Barrel bikes is that we have the bottom of the barrel prices...right now a EX250 (ninja 250R) is retailing for US$2,999.00 then they add on all the taxes, delivery fees, setup fees, choices for gear, extended warranties... the 16" tires and wheels though leave much to be desired. The suspension can only be adjusted on our Ninja 500R and 250R models by removing the entire shock and compressing the spring with special spanner wrenches...I understand that ther are 600R springs that are adjustable that fit...but i'm more for having an air shock if I have to go a different way...what a mess that ALL the bikes (except for the overly regulated adn messed up California version) cannot be made available to the entire world. The fairings on the ZZ-R250 are completely different. yours are rounded ours are still almost with corners... It sure would be nice to offer the bike with EFI, ECU, and have titanium valves... gee, why can't we just order GP bikes and have piaa lights and flush mounted turnsignals and tail lights added? Oh, what a world we live in.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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