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I have a 2002 ZZR1200. I just paid a reputable person in California to clean the carbs. Before the cleaning, the bike idled perfectly, but I had problems with acceleration in mid range. Now, with the cleaned carbs, the bike will not idle. I rode it twice. The first time, it still did not idle, so I took it for a ride to perhaps clean it out. Still would not idle. I did the air fuel mixture adjustment, turned out 1.5 turns. It idles better/longer, and, the mid range acceleration is crisp. Also, it will now idle until normal operating temperature at 1000 RPM. But, the idle will slow and finally just cut off. I bump the ignition button to see if the fuel pump activates, and the fuel pump clicks/pumps a couple of times. I can restart with no problem, but I have to message the throttle to get it started.

Now, if I hold my finger over or plug the oil separator tube, the bike idles perfectly for as long as I let the bike run. It revs perfectly, idles perfectly. I have not rode it with the tube plugged.

Note: I got the idea to put my finger over the oil separator tube from seeing fuel come out of it when I bump the throttle. A couple of times, after holding my finger over the tube, when I released the tube, oil sprayed out of that tube.

New plugs
Oil changed
Freshly cleaned carbs
New factory air cleaner

Does anyone know what my problem is? I would greatly appreciate a solution - thanks in advance
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