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New here and to bike carbs to be honest. I have picked up a set of ZZR600 carbs for a project I am working on, they appear to match the diagrams on buykawasaki.com for an 03 or 04 ZZR600 (Keihin CVKs).

Anyway I digress, I am trying to work out all the connections. There appears to be what is effectively a fuel rail connecting all four carbs together, I am planning to use this with fuel in one end and return at the other (unless someone tells me otherwise).

The first unknown connection is a t-pipe under the carbs (#92005B on carb diagram) between 2 and 3 with link pipes (#92005A) joing 1 to 2 and 4 to 3.

The second unknown is a large bore plastic pipe that is connected to the top front of the carbs. Any ideas?

Also I keep hearing about vacuum connections but cannot see these anywhere on the carbs. Again I have tried buykawasaki.com but can't make head nor tail of their diagrams.

If it helps the carbs will not be gravity fed and I intend to have an electronic fuel pump and fuel pressure regulator to feed the carbs.

Thanks for the assistance in advance.
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